As the worldwide market leader in poultry breeding, Aviagen® uses advanced genetic selection techniques as part of its global pedigree breeding operations to consistently deliver genetic improvement to the broiler industry. A main focus is to anticipate market needs and to integrate these new trends into the sustainable breeding and new product development program. Thanks to this approach, Aviagen has built a multi-product portfolio, ensuring that a broad spectrum of customers have a clear advantage in the marketplace.

The three independent brands from Aviagen’s broiler breeding program are Arbor Acres®, Indian River®, and Ross®. Our product portfolio enjoys an excellent reputation, not only due to its outstanding economic results, but also because of the superior welfare and performance characteristics bred into each of the product lines. Our offering extends to a range of breeding stock for specific market requirements in the form of the Rowan Range® and Specialty Males® portfolio.

  • Mission Statement

    At Aviagen, we strive to be the world’s preferred supplier of broiler breeding stock. We are committed to continuously improving performance for our customers, promoting economic returns for our stakeholders, and ensuring the health and welfare of our broiler breeder stock and employees, while practicing environmental and social responsibility in all that we do.

  • Philosophy

    Aviagen concentrates all of its energy on a single goal: Supplying stock that allows customers to achieve superior results. To achieve that goal, our entire team focuses on producing healthy birds through established and sustainable selection and breeding programs, as well as strong educational, technological, and welfare innovations.

    • Constant improvement in genetic potential and performance
    • Ongoing evolution of management systems
    • Highest possible health and welfare standards
    • Parallel breeding programs in the UK and the US
    • Largest global distributor network
    • Secure supply of quality products
    • Dedicated service teams located regionally