• 02/25/2014
    Broiler Economics: Lower Grain Costs in 2014, Feb. 2014

    The world poultry industry can look forward to significantly lower feed costs in 2014. Corn and wheat prices are already down significantly from last year while soybean meal is still a problem. Meal is still stubbornly expensive but is likely to drop in price sometime this year.
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  • 01/07/2014
    Broiler Economics: Feed Costs Coming Back Down to Earth, Dec. 2013

    After  three  years  of  record  high  feed  costs,  the  world  poultry industry is finally getting some relief. Corn and wheat prices are down and soybean meal will soon follow. After a long bull market in grain, it is likely that the next few years will see a bear market in grains; a market that mostly goes down with, of course, the usual fluctuations.
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