• 04/20/2015
    Broiler Economics: Grain Supplies Still Abundant, Apr. 2015

    The supply of grains and oilseeds vital to the poultry industry are currently abundant and prices continue to fall. Barring a drought, low prices are likely to last at least for a considerable amount of time.
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  • 02/26/2015
    Broiler Economics: Grain Prices Low and Stable for the Moment, Feb. 2015

    In a similar fashion to the price of oil, it took a few years of rising world production to knock grain prices from unusually high levels and bring them down to earth. It has finally happened, both corn and soybean meal (and crude oil as well) are down from the clouds and appear to be stable at much lower levels, at least for this year. Barring an important drought this year in the US, grain prices should remain low through the entire year, and barring political problems, crude oil should remain low as well.
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