• 04/22/2016
    Broiler Economics: Bottom of the Cycle Near for Grain Prices, April 2016

    Grain prices, when expressed in dollars, are much lower than a few years ago. Barring a major weather problem, both corn and soybean prices should remain relatively low throughout the year. Unfortunately, grain prices, when expressed in the local currency of many countries, rose over the last year.
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  • 02/19/2016
    Broiler Economics: Only in dollar terms are grain prices falling, Feb. 2016

    The world poultry industry is divided into those companies that are experiencing falling grain prices and those that are experiencing rising grain prices. Although grain prices in Chicago have been trending lower in dollar terms, grain prices are rising in the local currency of many countries. Examples of this include Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina in the Americas, oil producing countries like Russia, and emerging economies in Asia such as India and Thailand.
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