• 07/29/2014
    Aviagen Anadolu hosts fifth Sharing Technical Knowledge seminar

    Aviagen Anadolu, the market leader in Turkey in the last twelve years, held its fifth technical Sharing Knowledge Meeting recently in North Cyprus. More than 130 customers, including company owners, general managers, Parent Stock (PS) managers and members of the technical teams, ... Read more »

  • 07/28/2014
    Aviagen celebra 50 anos de atividades da Fricock em Rio Claro-SP

    Campinas, SP (Brasil) – A Aviagen, maior empresa de genética do mundo, celebrou com um especial churrasco, no dia 18 de julho, os 50 anos de atividades da Fricock, tradicional empresa avícola situada em Rio Claro-SP. Referência na cidade de Rio Claro, a Fricock iniciou seus ... Read more »

  • 07/23/2014
    Farm Space Required in UK

    Aviagen is the world’s leading poultry breeder, providing pedigree lines for the production of broiler chickens. The company has a number of wholly owned operations across the United Kingdom, Europe, Turkey, Brazil, India, Australia, New Zealand and USA and joint ventures in As... Read more »

  • tc_icon_doc

    Целью данного пособия является предоставление информации о наиболее эффективных методах содержания поголовья Rowan Ranger. Рекомендации предоставляются в области содержания родительского и бройлерного поголовья, а также технологии инкубации. В этот документ также входят нормативные показатели для родительского и бройлерного производства и спецификации рационов корма. Пособие необходимо применять в качестве приложения к справочникам по содержанию родительского и бройлерного поголовья Aviagen.

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    La energía es el “combustible de la vida”. En primer lugar se necesita para mantener el metabolismo básico (de mantenimiento) y cualquier exceso puede, entonces, ser utilizado para la producción de carne (crecimiento) y/o huevos(producción).

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    The purpose of this document is to provide information on how to appropriately manage the Rowan Ranger. The advice covers parent stock, hatchery and broiler management. This document includes performance objectives for parent stock and broilers, and nutrition specifications. It should be used in conjunction with, and as a supplement to, the local Parent Stock and Broiler Handbooks supplied by Aviagen.

  • 06/26/2014
    Broiler Economics: Soybeans finally headed lower, June 2014

    The  cost  of  soybean  meal  has  been  punishingly  high  for   the  poultry  industry  this  year.  There was  hope  that  a  huge   harvest  in  South  America  would  bring  relief  a  few  months  ago; however,  a  shortage  of  soybeans  in  the  US  kept  the  price  in   Chicago  high.

  • 04/30/2014
     Broiler Economics: Reports Send Corn, Soybean Higher, April 2014

    On March 31st every year there are two news releases by the USDA that have the potential of moving the grain market. One is the grain stocks report and the other is the planting intentions report. More often than not, prices in Chicago move up or down sharply on any given March 31st. This year, the reports turned out to be close to expectations and therefore caused fewer fireworks in Chicago than usual. Nevertheless, both corn and soybeans moved higher.

  • 02/25/2014
    Broiler Economics: Lower Grain Costs in 2014, Feb. 2014

    The world poultry industry can look forward to significantly lower feed costs in 2014. Corn and wheat prices are already down significantly from last year while soybean meal is still a problem. Meal is still stubbornly expensive but is likely to drop in price sometime this year.