• 12/21/2016
    Aviagen Biosecurity for Broiler Breeders Video
    The Aviagen Biosecurity for Broiler Breeders Video highlights the importance of good biosecurity and the critical areas to consider when creating a biosecurity program, particularly relevant during colder months. (approx. 6 minutes)
  • 12/21/2016
    Aviagen Managing Flock Uniformity Video
    The Aviagen Managing Flock Uniformity Video is an umbrella video introducing the importance of parent stock uniformity and is the first in a series of tutorial videos covering different aspects of parent stock management. (approx. 6 minutes)
  • 10/02/2014
    Aviagen launches new Broiler Handbooks
    Aviagen® announces the launch of new Broiler Handbooks for the Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands. This video highlights the key changes and benefits of the new Handbooks as we aim to provide the best global practical management advice for broiler farmers. (approx. ...
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    Questa nuova serie di How to descrive le procedure chiave per assicurare che siano mantenuti ottimi livelli ambientali nei capannoni. Tramite il raggiungimento di buone pratiche di ventilazione si  garantirà il miglior confort e salute agli animali e le conseguenti migliori performance.

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    Un buon programma vaccinale, assieme a una corretta gestione del gruppo e biosicurezza, gioca una ruolo chiave per la sanità e produttività dei Riproduttori.

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    Una herramienta práctica “en la granja” para los gerentes encargados del manejo de Reproductoras y basada en el Manual de Manejo de Reproductoras recientemente publicado.  Esta nueva serie “Cómo…” está diseñada para proporcionar claras instrucciones, paso a paso, para perfeccionar las prácticas clave de manejo de Reproductoras. La serie, producida por el Equipo Global de Transferencia Técnica de Aviagen, pretende ser una herramienta de apoyo en evolución permanente.

  • 01/03/2017
    Broiler Economics: Lower Grain Prices Likely, Dec. 2016

    Corn prices are likely to remain weak in the next few months after the recent bumper crop in the US. Cash-short farmers are likely to market more grain than usual at the beginning of next year. As a result, corn can be expected to remain weak for months as the old crop is cleared out of the bins. Thanks to robust exports, soybean prices are less likely to fall in the next few months.

  • 10/25/2016
    Broiler Economics: The (Not-So-Low) Harvest Low, Oct. 2016

    It is often the case that grain prices reach their lowest price of the year during the harvest or shortly after the harvest. This year appears to follow that pattern. Unfortunately, the harvest low is not quite as low as it otherwise would have been due to wet conditions in the US Corn Belt.

  • 08/23/2016
    Broiler Economics: Drought Danger Appears to Have Passed, Aug. 2016

    Two months ago it seemed that a drought in the Midwest of the US was likely. As a result, grain prices rose substantially in part due to those fears and in part due to crop problems in South America. The combination of a lower crop in both North and South America would have sent prices to exceptionally high levels. As it turned out, it appears that the market only has to deal with the lingering effects of the short crop in South America earlier this year not a short crop in North America. In fact, crops this year in North America are on their way to being record large.