• 10/02/2014
    Aviagen launches new Broiler Handbooks
    Aviagen® announces the launch of new Broiler Handbooks for the Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands. This video highlights the key changes and benefits of the new Handbooks as we aim to provide the best global practical management advice for broiler farmers. (approx. ...
  • 10/31/2013
    U.S. Production Management School 2013
    The Aviagen Production Management School emphasizes the important aspects of poultry science and their practical application to managing successful breeder and broiler operations. In 2013, Aviagen celebrated its 50th Production Management School. This video provides unique insigh...
  • 09/19/2013
    European-based School–Breeder Module 2013: Claire Hook
    Claire Hook discusses the 2013 Breeder Module. (approx. 1:55 min.)
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    A kézikönyv célja a segítségnyújtás, melyet az Aviagen partnereinek nyújt a lehető legjobb termelési eredmény elérésének érdekében. Ez nem jelenti azonban a tartástechnológia minden részének részletes és teljes körű kitárgyalását.

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    Svrha ovog priručnika je da pomogne kupcima Aviagena da postignu optimalne performanse od svoje peradi. Njegova namena nije da pruži definitivne informacije o svakom aspektu upravljanja, već da obrati pažnju na važne tačke koje ako se previde mogu da smanje performanse jata. Ciljevi mendžmenta dati u ovoj knjizi imaju svrhu da održavaju jato zdravim, sa visokom dobrobiti i da postigne dobre performanse kako tokom života tako i tokom procesiranja.

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    The How To’s are designed to be simple, back to basics documents describing critical management areas, their importance and how to achieve them. This set of Hatchery How To’s describe the basic quality control procedures in the hatchery. Achieving good practice in egg and hatchery management will maximize hatchability and ensure good chick quality and subsequent progeny performance.

    Please click on the document name on this How To cover sheet to download the individual files.

  • 06/18/2015
    Broiler Economics: Bear Market for Grain, June 2015

    Barring a drought, low grain and oilseed prices are likely to last through next crop year. This is a substantial bear market in grain. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that, while no one can predict the exact end of a down cycle, the downside risks are now diminished while the upside risks will increase over time.

  • 04/20/2015
    Broiler Economics: Grain Supplies Still Abundant, Apr. 2015

    The supply of grains and oilseeds vital to the poultry industry are currently abundant and prices continue to fall. Barring a drought, low prices are likely to last at least for a considerable amount of time.

  • 02/26/2015
    Broiler Economics: Grain Prices Low and Stable for the Moment, Feb. 2015

    In a similar fashion to the price of oil, it took a few years of rising world production to knock grain prices from unusually high levels and bring them down to earth. It has finally happened, both corn and soybean meal (and crude oil as well) are down from the clouds and appear to be stable at much lower levels, at least for this year. Barring an important drought this year in the US, grain prices should remain low through the entire year, and barring political problems, crude oil should remain low as well.