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The Rowan Ranger®, an Aviagen® speciality product for the slower-growing broiler market, has recently been launched into Europe. The Rowan Ranger is a slower-growing colored bird which offers excellent performance, superb meat yield, and increased customer flexibility in their product choice. Customers looking to enhance and differentiate their product range in line with changing market trends can be assured that the Rowan Ranger will add value to their business.

Aviagen is proud to announce that the Rowan Ranger has achieved accreditation by the Dutch welfare organization Dierenbescherming ‘Beter Leven’ quality assurance scheme and has been approved to use the RSPCA ‘Freedom Foods’ label in the UK.

The Rowan Ranger is only available in Europe. For further information about the management of the Rowan Ranger please contact your local Aviagen representative.

Rowan Ranger Parent Stock & Broiler

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