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  • Marek's Disease Virus

    Marek’s disease (MD) is a lymphoproliferative disease of chickens induced by a herpesvirus, Marek’s disease virus (MDV). MD is a major threat for the poultry industry because of the economic consequences in the absence of proper methods of control. MD has been successfully c... Read more

  • Rowan Ranger Management Supplement

    This management supplement offers advice on parent stock, hatchery and broiler management and is based on a combination of data from trials and the expertise and practical knowledge of the Aviagen representatives. This document includes Performance Objectives for Parent Stoc... Read more

  • Aviagen Brief: Male Replacement Programs to Improve Persistency of Fertility

    If managed effectively, male replacement programs can help to improve persistency in fertility. Introducing a number of new, generally younger males into a flock causes a change in the flock’s social pattern, stimulating the mating activity within the flock and increasing ov... Read more

  • UniPlus – Uniformity Spreadsheet Tool

    UniPlus – An Excel spreadsheet tool to predict the weight distribution of a flock of either single sex or mixed sex birds from either sample weights or average weight and coefficient of variation.  The tool is useful for either predicting broiler kill weight ranges or broile... Read more

  • Read Me Instructions for the UniPlus Tool

    The document includes instructions and system requirements for the UniPlus - Uniiformity Spreadsheet Tool. Read more

  • Poster: Evaluating Brooding Temperature

    Ensuring that chicks have the correct environmental conditions during brooding is key to a good chick start. Temperature must be modified in relation to RH% to ensure chick comfort. One of the best ways to evaluate whether or not the correct temperature is being achieved is ... Read more

  • Management Essential: Managing the Yield Plus Male

    The use of the Yield PlusTM Male in the United States has required a slightly different management approach, primarily due to the "yield" designation that is part of its name. This document explains some of those differences and how best to manage the Yield Plus Male. Read more

  • Aviagen Hatchery Tips

    Introducing the Aviagen Hatchery Tips – a series of simple and straightforward tips written just for you by the hatchery specialists at Aviagen and designed to help you improve efficiency and performance in your operations. Read more

  • Poster: Minimum Ventilation For Broilers

    Minimum ventilation brings fresh air into the house and exhausts stale in-house air, while maintaining in-house air temperature. This poster gives best practice management recommendations for effective minimum ventilation of broilers in environmentally controlled housing. Read more

  • Ross Note: Bacterin Usage

    A good vaccination program, along with proper flock management and biosecurity, plays a key role in the health and productivity of broiler breeders. Read more

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