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Family in a fieldDelivering improved productivity and sustainability

Balanced breeding and innovation have led to decades of improvement in broiler performance and efficiency that will continue into the future.

Balanced progress means birds grow to be healthy and robust with less feed. With less feed, there are fewer emissions, protecting our planet for the future. Social sustainability is also promoted, as producers can consistently feed their growing communities with nutritious poultry meat, while the economic sustainability of their businesses is secure. See how in our video.

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Top 5 Commitments

Our Top 5 Commitments harmonize with the United Nations 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDG) prioritized by the International Poultry Council (IPC)

Child sitting at a table for a mealThe SDGs support the health and wellbeing of the planet and its people. The IPC has prioritized five SDGs where the poultry industry can make the most impact. These are reflected in our Top 5 Commitments. See how in our interactive Breeding Sustainability presentation.

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CO2 reduction for the global poultry industry

Giant leaps forward in biological efficiency have helped make poultry the most sustainable of all meats

White chickensFeed Conversion Ratio (FCR) has proven to give the greatest environmental advantage of all broiler production traits. In our animation, you will see that breeding improvements have contributed to a 1% reduction in the carbon footprint of the global poultry industry.

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